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Tracey GreeneChoosing a contemporary art gallery to visit from New York City’s many offerings can be prove to be a daunting exercise. There are that many. The Museum of Modern Art – one of the best museums for seeing modern and contemporary art in all its forms is probably the most well known of any of them. There are, of course so many other well known galleries as well as even more lesser known art houses are pulling up in the rear, all over NY, and in the outer boroughs like Bushwick, Bed Stuy, Hunts Point, Dumbo, Fordham Road, Williamsburg, Rockaway and Cobble Hill. Areas, (in parts of the city) that until the recent art emergence and (the hipsters that follow the artists, joined in the fun) were perhaps not the most destination orientated places one would trek to check out art. However, along with the wealth of starving artists, and the lack of tons of funds to put up shows at the pricey galleries, art must go on and it does in the most unlikely of places. Now, no matter how many trains it may take to get there, or how many Zip cars and U Hauls were rented to cart art – these excitable, emerging, creative, patient yet driven artists, so many totally undiscovered talents found alternate and now hip spots to put up their traveling pop up art shows. The greatest cultural mecca, NYC provides amazing opportunities for any and all artists to achieve the ultimate artistic trifecta. Be selected. Be shown. Be sold.

Art, like theater and music are extremely important to me and are the bells and whistles necessary to make this life so pleasant – The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Broadway, Brooklyn Academy of Art, The NYC Philharmonic, The NYC Ballet, The Metropolitan Opera, MoMA, to name just a few. All of these institutions celebrate art in all its glory and in so many forms, with so much pageantry, heralded with so much color and music and light and movement – in NYC, this kaleidoscope of excitement is pure wonderment. Not just for those of us that enjoy the presentation, but to all the talented artists that have the ability to present it to us.

With so much pleasure I also get to work very closely with a tremendously popular Brooklyn Arts Organization, the world renowned Brooklyn Academy of Music (@lovemyjobagain) in supporting their mainstage theater, arts and dance programs (I digress though, it was on BAM’s main stage that this little born and raised in NY ballerina made her dance debut.) BAM is housed in a gorgeous NYC landmark that was once in a derelict, decrepit area of downtown Brooklyn, completely devoid of any sort of magical enterprise (let alone the newly added Barclay’s Center.) BAM is another shining example of how art continues to reinvent itself for new audiences, in new boroughs and with so much individuality and spirit. Much like the great city that it calls home and proudly represents, BAM has a unique artscape and is a round the clock experience that never tires. As with each new, young artist peeking out from behind the horizon, with everlasting hope and big city dreams, wild with passion wonderment, and terrific talent, the pictured image seems like a Bloomingdales big brown bagfull of surprises, just bursting at the seams just waiting for the chance to rip – to open, to see and be seen.

Whether its visual, audio or performance, painted, danced, hung or sung the art form is an exclusive expression of life that lingers long after the lights are out. And when its great work, it leaves a permanent imprint with the beholder. Without too much ado, there are a few very interesting art galleries around town this Fall with an abundance of new works on display. In a dime a dozen field of great artistic imagery and padded portfolios there are a few standouts that are very worth visiting in the upcoming weeks.





THE GREENE DOOR GALLERY is currently under construction, but since sharing is what we do here, this article would be remiss if a few pretty paintings, some oil on canvas beauties were not secretly revealed. They were all painted with passion and love by a sassy, intelligent emerging young artist whose work is sure be talked about, for years to come. Please take a peek at some of her inspired pieces that have given The Greene Door, a lot of inspiration.

For more information about the artist, Tracey Greene, kindly email her at traceyannegreene@gmail.com or leave a comment below and we will make sure to make the Greene connection.

Tracey Greene


Tracey Greene

photographs by Viva Violeta Photography