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The Greene Door pea coatThere is positively nothing as classic or chic as a pea coat in winter. I am very fond of the military-inspired woolen wear, which essays a lot more than just warmth. The cute style of coating is a perennial favorite, since college days, owing to a slenderizing & feminine silhouette, and timeless style. Another pretty pea topper was added this season, (and its pink!) which hadn’t (until very recently) gotten much attention due to the (non-inclement) unseasonably warm winter weather thus far. NYC was downright Springlike this Christmas, so coats were certainly not a necessity. But on the first hail of the year, a few days after the December to remember vacation weather sailed away, this old favorite was finally called to active duty. This J.Crew pea is made of stadium cloth which adds warmth without the bulk, but is not water resistant at all. Not at all. There is a very good reason why the US Navy wears woolen pea coats, made of melton cloth, which absorbs water without losing any insulation at all. Makes perfect sense, (considering where their coats spend most of their time!)

This sweet and very ladylike non wick, snow stick woolen J Crew pea coat, acts as a pretty little “anchor” for a bold and quirky “what season are we in anyway?” look. While it may now be hard to find this pea coat in this Disney pink, (the dainty, carefree color of princesses, that shop early) set your sails towards the “Crew” that is always onboard offering similar cuts in a myriad of other colors, (including the navy, ha!)

The Greene Door pea coat


The Greene Door pea coat


The Greene Door pea coat

Stadium Cloth Pea Coat (colors available at this posting)

 Viva Violeta Photography