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The Greene Door at BarbourCool doesn’t go out of style – Barbour wear is proof positive. The English biker inspired collection of outerwear, combines grit, glamour and timeless femininity – a trifecta of what I like – stylish, sporty and outdoorsy clothing. I do try and pay tribute to my own mission statement and from time to time, when I decide to drop a bundle, refresh the chill, I’ll add another preppy motorcycle mock jacket at Barbour NY to my already English soaked wardrobe. The quilted variety and the waxed favorites are how ‘I spy with my little eye,’ right towards the heat lamps, right to the right corner of the right shop on the right side of Madison Avenue and hope that they have my size. Spoiler Alert – it was a win/win for me once again, I’ve done this drill a few times already. And, naturally not one, but two of the pretty winter varietals were added to an already full of “free plaid umbrellas with purchase(s)” gifted swag bag.

The 2016 line up of collectable pieces (non gender specific in style, only in fit) include a new classic navy polar quilt (I went for the blue, but the black won out and a sage snap belted biker coat – I had one, that also went by Sandy’s wayside, sadly having only been worn a few times.) All of the Barbour designs were re-inspired by the sartorial style of Oscar winning actor Steve McQueen – the original cool “looking” guy, who took home the Hollywood statue in 1963 for his outstanding performance in “The Great Escape.” (Would that any of my clothes have had such luck back in 2012 – that storm always rears its ugly head when I remember yet another item that was sadly washed away.) Anyhow, during the late 1960’s Steve McQueen, on break and between films, took up the sport of motorcycling as a distraction from work. Upon discovering McQueen’s constant wear of the British heritage clothing brand, J. Barbour and Sons created a Steve McQueen collection, based on the fact that he owned a few more Barbour International motorbike jackets and wore the heck out of them. He became the poster (wild) child (it was the 60’s after all) and continued his love affair with both the sport and the brand throughout his life. And Barbour, thanks to a little help from a sporty star, became as famous stateside as they were in Europe. And today, still, the McQueen look is proudly represented in their lineup.

Steve McQueen

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McQueen kept the brand fresh when he later starred in the mega movie, “Bullitt” (Barbour had a few cameos in that film as well.) For the curious, the ‘why did she bring up that film’ queries, well, it is just great movie buzz that Bullitt contains one of the most exciting car chases in film history, a sequence that revolutionized Hollywood’s standards. The now-classic car chase, one of cinefiles all time best bets featured a 1968 Ford Mustang 390 GT 2+2 Fastback.

And the Irish actor, his coat and his car was….. green. Now then!  C.Greene

Steve McQueen Green Mustang GT

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The Greene Door at Barbour


The Greene Door at Barbour


The Greene Door at Barbour


The Greene Door at Barbour


The Greene Door at Barbour


The Greene Door at Barbour


The Greene Door Clothing Hanger



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    October 20, 2015

    You look amazing!!!!!