Clutching Onto Summer

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the Greene Door White PurseWe all seem to be clutching on to summer with a few more hand held strapless purses. Women seem to collect an awful lot of these miniature pockets during the warmer months, but truth be told, no one can actually hold a clutch – it is just a really odd art. They are designed to be tightly gripped, (based on the definition of the word,) but more often than not it is just much easier to let them go, set them down, on a table, a chair, anything. They have a fierce and feminine edge – and each season introduces a wild imaginative form of this pocketbook art – this year I added to an already oversized collection, more of these undersized purses – a rattan clam shell, an envelope, a tortoiseshell, a few bamboo boxes, a fur piece and a cute nautical number. Clutches are actually cute upon departure but tend to get annoying as the day/evening progresses. In fact, they just simply can get in the way. I mean, c’mon, drink in one hand, other elbow bent around the bag, with a flexed bicep keeping it tight against the body so as to be able balance the bag under the one arm so as to free up the other hand when introduced to another hand, and so forth – the concept is peculiar and sometimes it is just impossible. But lets face it, the clutch is always a cute accoutrement to any outfit, however casual or formal the affair,¬†and they do conceal a whole host of mini emergency items, right there, in the palm of your hand. And during the last of these sweet summer days it is still the ultra chic way to embrace a casual trend. All you need is the clutch and the confidence and you’ve got it in the bag.

Pink Bamboo Purse


Blue and White Stripe Purse


Pink and White Stripe Dress


Tortoiseshell Purse


The Greene Door At Kate Spade


Scallop Purse

The Greene Door Clothing Hanger

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photographs by Viva Violeta Photography