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Cathy Greene White CoatAs I had previously written about my intense discomfort in cold weather, it would be of no great surprise to anyone that I tend to buy a lot of coats. Finding the perfect IN BETWEEN (and before winter wallops us) seasonal ‘cool coating’ or a really sharp light overcoat that doesn’t weigh more than me is a very tall order (for some odd reason, there is usually nothing petite about a petite coat. Either the sleeves are too long or the length is disproportionate or the shoulders sag like a football jersey.)

So, on those occasions when I find a FALLISH coat that looks good, has good heat protection built in, (by way of the label which I now carefully read) and fits like it was made for this small frame, I tend to buy one for me….. and another of the same one, for me, in another color. Dual purchases in dual styles are an ongoing problem for me – especially when I like something. This ‘seasonal second series’ consist of colored duplicates of Kate Spade’s bows, twin Talbots brights and a couple of J. Crew puffers.

A few lovelies that I am always on the hunt for around this time of year, became much easier to find since The Dutchess of Cambridge took up residence and became an overnight sort of COAT-ed brand ambassador for outerwear styles that I shop for when its time to set the clocks back. I have an affection for any classic Princess fit (no pun intended – that is a coat style,) all country vests, any waxed Barbour cuts (that is an article, unto itself, actually,) toggles, duffles and, of course, a simple, dark, dressy overcoat and my winter wedding wardrobe is complete.

Bold, brassy brights are fun in a sea of mundane monotone, especially in New York, where the amount of black coats that walk down the streets at any given time (and far too early in the season, it seems) look very cumbersome and quite frankly, they all look the same. The bleek copycats do not do it for me, I took the plunge on the dark side last year and bought a very expensive 100% black Canadian Goose down, but every time I try it on – it just gets me down. I think peppy dress is simply a great motivator for me – to sport a pop of color on a dark, dreary winter day is as important as it is when I am scouring for a hot running look on a wintry type of morning.

My favorite fall forward fashions are not the warmest ones as of yet. Winter is certainly on its way, however there seems to be a slight seasonal reprieve, so vests are my best bets, I can never own enough of them.  J. Crew luckily repeats their vest collection from season to season and so they’ve got my number. All sixteen of them. in fact – and with an expiration date and a security code just stored for the crew in cyber space, waiting for my vest vice to get me back into their shopping bag.

Garments of the sleeveless variety get me at go. I live in them from September until, well? No, I can actually be caught in-vesting year round. I keep, hide, hoard, pack & unpack those small, wrinklefree wonders. They are everywhere – and always the first choice to wear on a plane, at the movies, out with the garbage or as a quick resort to to layer under other winterwear during brutal Autumnesque dog walks.

Not much changes in the outerwear that I FALL for. If its Classic, Colored, Contoured, Cozy, Cold-proof and Cute, then it probably has my initial on it.  xoxo C.

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