McKay Made It

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McKayElizabeth McKay’s contemporary collection of blouses is comprised of the brand’s most beloved styles. Throughout the years that the store has been in NYC (where it became the apple of my eye) I have grown to love the timeless, classic patterns and the glorious pops of color that decorate her sophisticated yet playful casual collection. With the holidays approaching, the colors red and green are proudly portrayed in many retailers windows (the, sassier color, red, on the squeaky wheel that is causing so much controversy for poor, old Starbucks, and their cup color design team of late.) Green, is usually the underdog.

But every season, there is the one special item that you are just so glad that you bought. And guess what color it is?

And so it goes with the Elizabeth McKay emerald green Stone Top, a silky spectacle with a split hemline that is finished with gold clasp detail. And, as it is ‘all about the pretty details’ for this seasoned shopper, this cute blouse has already made the cut and been a conversation piece on the celebration circuit more than a few times this season. It usually begins with, “I just love that blouse. Who made it?” And since sharing is what we do on The Greene Door, I gave up another well-kept secret, that is an Elizabeth McKay and that it is still available at the cutest little townhouse shop on East 71st Street in NYC. For the online shopping set, that may not get the chance to drop into her townhouse location to try it on, I can also share that when you get to, its a smart option to order a size down, and to order quickly.

The appeal of this comfy cocktail coordinate is that it is both roomy (when worn outside a pair of silk mens trousers, or leggings) and fitted (when tucked into a high waisted skirt or any of McKay’s fabulous coordinate bottoms.) The transcendent topper (also available in navy) is full of personality, at any time of the year. Wink, wink to the Irish girls that can never find a thing to wear on March 17th.

The Elizabeth McKay Stone Top is a fully crafted popover, dipped in a color that I certainly identify with (year round) and is a perfectly executed and uncomplicated fun Christmas accent, or present. When you get to the website, there’s a cute ‘Lauren pant’ that will continue to color your world and keep them asking, “who made them?” Elizabeth McKay is the answer.

And the bright, golden elephant? Well, stop back in at The Greene Door for the answer to that McQuestion…..

The Greene DoorThank you to Elizabeth McKay for sponsoring this post!