THE BETTY Barbour’s quilted gilet collection

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The Greene Door at BarbourA country women’s GILET (or city women’s VEST) is actually the same thing. They are both a thin outer layer that adds a little extra warmth over a sweater or lightly acts as the perfect layering under down for extra winter warmth. I ride indoors now with this particular, pretty, very English looking vest, not only for the fact that its multi plaid works well with a variety of riding pants, but adds perfect cache for any kind of barn workout. The quilted gilet has is made as a comfy padding and coats in a similar way as a bed quilt. Light enough but warm enough – it has pockets of down fill material that acts as soft insulation to trap the air – helping to keep you super warm even on frigid days.

Barbour originally designed these vests to be zipped into one of their Interactive wax or Beadnell jackets (always down size for these heavy hitters, they run pretty big) however, it’s way too bulky for this Barbour lover. Vests are a huge part of my wardrobe, very rarely do I coat the car seat, I have a vested interest in comfort, and warmth, and versatilty while driving. This particular and pretty vest got a lot of wear (on and off the saddle) thanks to the the mild weather this year and so on a recent jaunt up Madison, not riding, only strolling, back to Barbour for a gift, I got spaded and shrouded once again and so Betty and Kate had a quick date and a perfectly partnered photo op. (As vests are so easy to try on clothing with, a faux fur, and a sassy top (both now on sale) that was expediently purchased at KSNY became a few more vestments for my winter wardrobe.) And that was before I even got to where I was going. OY!​​​​

Riding clothing is just cool gear any time of year and on the occasion when I am sporting one of these gilets on a shopping spree, I have to direct another cute cut right up to The Barbour. Such was the case with a handful of Kate Spade shoppers looking for another place to trot to before the shops closed.

These Barbour vests also run true to size (this is an XS and worn over a cashmere sweater) and are available in navy, black and hunter green, on the Orvis website. Or at Manhattan Saddlery or an occasional flash at Nordstrom’s – unless you take a ride right through the gates at 80th and Madison. It is a sure bet – that you’ll leave with more than a simple gilet.

The Greene Door at Barbour


The Greene Door at Barbour


The Greene Door at Barbour


The Greene Door


A Kate Spade Prelude

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