The Little Black Dress

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The Little Black DressThank goodness for the Little Black Dress, a perfectly timeless wardrobe staple, that is simple, yet elegant and epitomizes chic fashion for women of all ages and social classes. During the weeks or months that there is (unfortunately) more than one large black tie affair to attend, having more than a few of these little numbers in the closet, is very comforting. October is just one of those months around here, so it seems fitting to pay tribute to the uniform of the day, now defined, socially and universally as #LBD.

An event filled calendar timely prompts when its time to dry clean and redress the LBD – a frock design referred to by Vogue once as “Coco Chanel’s Model T” – as it gained popularity in 1926 alongside (and probably inside) the Ford motor car.

It helps that I have a seriously difficult time parting with things, particularly in the dress department – and I realize that some may say that ‘those folks on “Hoarders” started out with only a few black dresses…,’ but because of my inability to recycle last seasons styles, I get extra insurance that I won’t be seen wearing the same dress as someone else, this season. Unless, they too, are in the habit of opening and then swiftly closing the closet door during ‘spring cleaning.’ Last seasons numbers are up for those perky open closet swappers. For me, I’ll keep on shoving and hiding and rolling and folding all of that pretty season (whichever one it might have been) to clear the way for the newbies that never seem to get old.

“The LBD gives us a chameleon-like ability to fit into any kind of social situation, and therein lies its appeal. Little black dresses take us to parties, job interviews, weddings and funerals. We experience all of life’s big events in the little black dress. It can be respectful or empowering, depending upon the design.” – so sayeth Norma Kamali, another pioneer in the fashion industry who still continues to make a lot of women look good, and most likely has a retro LBD or two hidden in some far off corner somewhere.

The Little Black Dress


The Little Black Dress


The Greene Door Clothing Hanger

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photographs by Viva Violeta Photography